Renewable Energy Engineering Study Program


This four-year program of renewable energy engineering provides the student with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage the the current issues of renewable energy like biofuel, biomass, solar energy, wind energy and other renewable energy sources. The entry requirements of the program are senior high school graduate in every major and having knowledge about Mathematics. In teaching learning process, students also participate in both classroom lectures and laboratory. In addition to this program,the students work on final project in the 7th semester and conduct internships program in the last year of the study. After completing the program, the graduates earn title of Sarjana Sains Terapan (S.ST.), known as Bachelor of Applied Science and also have the competences in making decision of renewable energy planning, developing and managing renewable energy potentials and therefore the graduates are able to enter employment of government institution or company in renewable energy sources.

The Vision

To become a superior and competitive center for vocational education and technology development in the field of renewable energy at the ASEAN level in 2020.

The Mission

    1. Organizing vocational education to produce competent graduates in the field of new and renewable energy.
    2. Develop applied technology in the field of renewable energy through research activities.
    3. Carry out community service with the best quality in accordance with the needs and developments of science and technology.
    4. Organizing regular evaluations to improve quality, accountability, and accreditation to gain recognition from stakeholders.
    5. Collaborating with the industrial, commercial and policy makers to implement renewable energy development and energy conservation.
    6. Get recognition from the industry and the wider community.

The Objective

    1. Creating highly intellectual competitive graduates in Bachelor of Applied Science of Renewable Energy Engineering
    2. Providing applied technology in renewable Engineering for the public
    3. Providing the professional vocational education as one of references of the education process at the national level


Certificate Number

Previous Certificate


    1. The graduate is able to operate and maintenance of conversion machine for renewable energy.
    2. The graduate is able to create, implement and maintain the renewable energy utilization of electrical power station and thermal system installation
    3. The graduate is able to design, optimize, and examine the energy system for energy conversion.
    4. The graduate is able to make decision for planning and creating solution for converting energy from an energy source material to biofuel for conventional machining.
    5. The graduate is able to create renewable energy conversion machine
    6. through CAD program based on ISO standard.
    7. The graduate is generally able to master basics of manufacturing, namely construction and manufacturing process. In addirion, the graduate is specifically able to master the principle of energy conversion in order to analyze and make decision for renewable energy engineering.
    8. The graduate is able to master research method in the field of energy conversion and renewable enrgy.
    9. The graduate is able to master basic principle of technology of biofuel production
    10. Able to identify the potential of renewable energy in an area through a series of observations and measurements carefully and can maximize this potential
    11. Able to analyze a problem in an energy system mathematically and systematically using information technology and multimedia
    12. Able to make a systematic standard operating procedure (SOP) of an energy system that uses a renewable energy conversion machine


    1. Language laboratory
    2. TTA laboratory
    3. Analysis laboratory
    4. Computer laboratory


    1. PLTMH Mojang, Jember
    2. PLTP Dieng, Jawa Tengah
    3. PLTU Paiton
    4. PLTH Bantul, Jawa Tengah