Public Sector Accounting Study Program


This program is taken for 8 semesters (4 years) in accounting, specifically Public Sector Accounting. Students who graduated from high school in all majors or vocational high school, especially in accounting field or high school equivalencies in various majors with adequate mathematical abilities can apply to this program. During their education in this study program, the students take part in lectures and practical activities with a curriculum weight of 40% (for Lecture): 60% (for Practice) which are carried out for 7 (seven) semesters in class, laboratory, or through vactory visits (field visits) to agencies, companies, etc. Meanwhile, in semester 8, students prepare a final project in the form of a thesis and carry out Field Work Practices in government agencies, state institutions, companies or industries. Graduates get an Applied Bachelor’s degree (S.Tr.). The specific skills and knowledge provided in Public Sector Accounting include Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Taxation, Auditing and Accounting Systems, and Applied Research for the public sector. Hence, the graduates have opportunites becoming an Expert Public Sector Accounting Technicians, Management Accountants Public Sector, Public Sector Auditor, Public Sector Accounting Information System Analyst, Public Sector Tax Staff, State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in accounting and finance.

The Vision

To become a leading vocational study program in Accounting at the National level in 2035, which is superior and professional in the development of applied accounting knowledge

The Mission

    1. Organizing an applied education program in the public sector accounting that is qualified, competent, innovative and competitive and sustainable
    2. Carrying out qualified, innovative and competitive applied research in the field of accounting in accordance with the needs of the public sector and society with sustainable principles
    3. Carrying out community service and establish cooperation at the national level in the field of Accounting that is beneficial for the development of science and technology
    4. Organizing an education management system in the public sector accounting field based on the principles of transparency and accountability
    5. Developing the field of cooperation at national and international levels in the field of Accounting


    1. Computer laboratory
    2. Accounting Laboratory


Otoritas Jasa Keuangan


Letter of Establishment Number


The main competencies of the graduates profile of the Bachelor’s Degree Public Sector Accounting Study Program are in accordance with the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards Number 182 of 2013 namely: Expert Accounting Technicians, as follows:

    1. Able to become an expert accounting technician by doing work in the field of accounting in large-scale and/or go-public service, trade, and/or manufacturing companies (business entities) and apply to specific areas of accounting expertise, including public sector accounting, accounting management, tax accounting, accounting information systems and sharia accounting in accordance with generally accepted and relevant standards and principles in the accounting field, through the process of analyzing financial data and selecting appropriate methods, supported by capabilities in the fields of management, information technology, expertise interpersonal and communication
    2. Mastering the theoretical concepts of accounting in depth and their application to specific fields including public sector accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, accounting information systems and sharia accounting to solve problems systematically.
    3. Able to take appropriate operational decisions based on analysis of accounting information and data to provide alternative solutions both independently and in groups and able to present reports according to their scope and responsibilities
    4. Able to evaluate and supervise the achievement of the work that is his responsibility both as a member and/or leader in an organization