Plantation Crops Production Study Program


Plantation crops production study program is a diploma 3 (three) program. The study program focuses on horticulture that lead the students master following competencies: seeding, plantation crops cultivation, post-harvest management as well as post-harvest marketing, especially plantation crops (coffee, cocoa, tea plant, rubber tree, coconut tree, vanilla plant, palm tree, fiber plant, sugar cane, tobacco). During three-year study, the students will experience two different atmospheres: lecturing classes which are indoor activities and practicum classes which are indoor and outdoor activities. State Polytechnic of Jember applies such combined activities for five semesters. In the last semester of this study program, the students conduct internship program in the relevant companies. The completed students in this study program are able to master technical and managerial skills in terms of plantation crop cultivation, post-harvest management and post-harvest marketing. Those skills enable the graduates to be manager assistant in the plantation area, agribusiness consultant assistant, manager assistant of plantation crop product, field supervisor, plantation counselor or as an entrepreneur in the field of plantation crop production. This study program is for the senior high school level graduates who have interest in plantation crops production. In addition, the study program allows the senior high school graduates of any major to register themselves to be the students in this study program.

The Vision

Be the center of vocational education in the field of Plantation Cropsat the ASEAN levelin 2025 which trains competitive and professional graduates with by entrepreneurial and noble character.

The Mission

  1. Providing a professional and competitive graduate in the field of Plantation Crop Production with entrepreneurial and noble character.
  2. Conducting applied research in the field of Plantation Crop Production in accordance with society needs at the regional, national and international level.
  3. Organizing community servicein the field of Plantation Crop Productionby engaging applied research for contributing to the development of science, skill and society welfare.
    Expanding regional, national, and international cooperation in the field of Plantation Crop Production.

The Objective

  1. Providing a professional and competitive graduate with entrepreneurial and noble character.
  2. Producing applied research and scientific article in the field of plantation crop production.
  3. Organizing community service by engaging applied research based on the needs of the society.
  4. Expanding networking access to the relevant industrya government and in the field of plantation crop production.


Certificate Number

Previous Certificate


    1. The student is able to assist the planning of garden activities and business analysis
    2. Master the activities of plantation crop cultivation techniques
    3. The student is able to organize, supervise. evaluate and report on plantation activities
    4. The student is able to understand of soil fertility,fertilization and pest control, and plantation diseases and weeds.
    5. The student is able to preserve plantation natural resources
    6. Understand plantation product processing techniques.
    7. The student is able to understand the qualifications of plantation products.
    8. The student is able to identify market systems and networks and market share of plantation products
    9. Able to seize business opportunities and develop business plans.
    10. The student is able to solve problems and take the right decisions related to activities on the plantation.


    1. Plant laboratory
    2. Soil laboratory
    3. Climatology Station
    4. Computer laboratory
    5. Polije Practice Area
    6. Plant Protection Laboratory
    7. Tissue Culture Laboratory
    8. Oil Palm Plantation
    9. Polije Practice Coffee Farm
    10. Laboratory of Tools and Machines
    11. Plant Protection Laboratory & Field Practice


In Indonesia

    1. PT NIKP IMC Group
    2. PT Bumitama Gunajaya Agro
    3. PT Bumitama Gunajaya Agro
    4. PT Jaya Mandiri Sukses Green Eagle Group
    5. PTP Nusantara X, Jawa Timur
    6. PTP Nusantara XI, Jawa Timur
    7. PTP Nusantara XII, Jawa Timur
    8. PTP Nusantara IX, Jawa Tengah
    9. PTP Nusantara VII, Jawa Barat
    10. PTP Saung Mirwan Cipanas, Bogor, Jawa Barat
    11. Soerjanto Orchid Malang, Jawa Timur
    12. PT. Rolas Industri Agro Nusantara (RIAN), Bondowoso, Jawa Timur
    13. PT. Nusa Agro Insani Jember, Jawa Timur
    14. PT. Indagro Cultura Mojokerto, Jawa Timur
    15. PT. Sumber Pangestu Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur

In Foreign Countries

    1. RMUTT (Raja Manggala University of Technology Thanyabury) Thailand
    2. ICTE-UQ (Institut of Continuing & Tesol Education, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
    3. KU (Kasetsart University Thailand)