Computer Engineering Study Program


Computer engineering study program is an associate degree program (Diploma 3) of State Polytechnic of Jember that provides 3-year study (6 semesters). The study program offers core competencies, such as: maintaining computer and network operation system, repairing computer and network, and mastering computer control. The learning process of this study program has students attend in lecturing classes and practicum classes both in class, laboratory and in the relevantindustries during 5 (five) semesters. In the end of the semester, the students of this study program conduct internship program in the relevant companies and work on the final project. Thestudents have opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills and practice to develop their careers during internship program. After completing the study, the students are able to master in mid- levelof managerialskill of operation system and computers and networksmaintenance. In addition, the graduate is able to demonstrate a high level of specialised knowledge, such as: computer and network maintenence, instalation hardware and software, and also computer repair.By having those competencies, the graduate has opportunity to be entrepreneurs of operation and repairing computer and network and employees in relevant companies such as:professional staff of IT in the office, company or banks. The Candidates of the students that can register to this study program are the graduates of senior high school or the graduates of vocational school who has strong interest in computer and network system.

The Vision

Becoming a central and development of vocational education in the field of computer engineering that preparequalified profesional associate degree graduates in Southeast Asia in 2020

The Mission

    1. Improving quality of human resources that are profesional, competent and well-behaved.
    2. Improving quality of computer skill that can be applied in other field.
    3. Increasing quality of community service activity in the field of computer engginering.
    4. Increasing quality and productivity of reseach in the field of computer engginering.
    5. Increasing quality and productivity of applied technology in the field of computer engginering.
    6. Preparing the Independent students who have competent in academic skills.

The Objective

    1. performing vocational education and preparing profesinal graduates in the field of computer engineering that:
      1. The graduate is able to observe and solve problem based on development of science and technology to execute mid- level of managerial skill of information and communication technology, especially in computer network technology, hardware, applied electronic, and the development of computer software system.
      2. The graduate is able to compete in global era by having enterprenuerial and technoprenuerial skills.
    1. Conducting applied reseach in the field of computer Engineering,


Certificate Number

Previous Certificate


    1. The graduate is able to master computer network technology, design, set up, and implement computer network and its security.
    2. The graduate is able to design and implement control technic and control and process autonomous hardware through computer
    3. The graduate is able to create supporting control system


    1. Computer Network Laboratory
    2. Computer System & Control Laboratory


In Indonesia

    1. Arjuna Flora, Batu
    2. CV. Nakula Sadewa, Malang
    3. PT. Azkamedia Indonesia, Sidoarjo
    4. PT. Arsen Kusuma Indonesia, Jakarta
    5. PT. Wonosari Horticulture Indonesia, Pasuruan

In Foreign Countries

    1. AUSEC Ulsan, Korea (Automobile/Ship Electronic Convergence center)
    2. KNU, Sangju South Korea
    3. NAIST, Nara Japan Overseas Shortcourse