Improving Quality of Public Services consist of:

  1. Service standard
    • There is a service standard policy
    • Service standards have been announced
    • There is an SOP for the implementation of service standards
    • Reviews and improvements have been made to service standards and SOPs
  2. Excellent Service Culture
    • Socialization/training has been carried out in an effort to implement the Excellent Service Culture
    • Information about services is easily accessible through various media
    • There has been a system of punishment (sanctions)/reward for service implementers as well as providing compensation to service recipients if the service is not up to standard
    • There are already integrated/integrated service facilities
    • There is service innovation
  3. Assessment of satisfaction with service
    • A survey of community satisfaction has been carried out with the service
    • The results of the community satisfaction survey can be accessed openly
    • Follow up on the results of the community satisfaction survey