Food Crop Production Study Program


Food crop production study program is a diploma 4 program. It focuses on food crop production (rice, yam, vegetables: cabbage, mustard, tomato, green bean, chili, parika, dll, fruits: orange, mango, watermelon, melon, durian, etc, and herbal plant) which lead the students to master technical skills and managerial skills such as: cultivation, preparing field, seeding, planting, fertilizing, pest and weed control, harvesting and post-harvest management. In addition, the students are trained to be professional entrepreneur and manager focused on food crop production. By having such experience, the students are able to take part as professional staff in the Department of Agriculture, agribusiness company (as a production manager, processing manager and supervisor), as consultant or as an entrepreneur that focus on the food crop production. During four-year study, the students will experience two different atmospheres: lecturing classes which are indoor activities and practicum classes which are indoor and outdoor activities. The study program applies such combined activities for 7 (seven) semesters – it includes the finishing of final project which is one of the requirements for the completion study in State Polytechnic of Jember. In the 8th (eighth) semester, the students conduct internship program in the relevant companies which is also one of requirements for the completion of the study in State Polytechnic of Jember. Completing the study process, the graduates may attach the title of bachelor of applied science (S.ST) This study program is for the senior high school level graduates who have interest in food crop production. In addition, the study program allows the senior high school graduates of any major. The graduates of vocational senior high school are allowed to be part of the study program, especially those who are the graduates of agribusiness major.

The Vision

To be the central of vocational education in the field of food crop production that train a qualified professional agriculture staff in the Asian level in 2025.

The Mission

  1. Conducting compettive vocational education on food crop production in Asian level in 2025.
  2. Conducting applied research focuses on food crop production that lead to the national and international-accredited journal.
  3. Conducting community service and establishing network with the relevant industries.

The Objective

The Food Crop Production Study Program trains the students to be able to be professional staff that can utilize food crop production technology that can support national and international production and develop entrepreneurship in agriculture.


Certificate Number


    1. The student is able to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia correctly and appropriately.
    2. The student is able to translate English texts and make summary in English.
    3. The student is able to operate and process the data in Ms. Office.
    4. The student is able to report the duties, briefly, precisely and correctly.
    5. The student is able to monitor, supervise and evaluate the works assigned to him/her.
    6. The student is able to develop him/herself, especially in the field of food crop.
    7. The student is able to develop applied technology and prevent plagiarism in the field of food crop.
    8. The student is able to perfom critical and logical thinking on the food crop.
    9. The student is able to work on the principal of Health and Safety of Work.


    1. Experimental Field Laboratory
    2. Agricultural Data Analysis.
    3. Field