Arrangement of HR Management System consists of:

  1. Planning of employee needs in accordance with organizational needsPlanning of employee needs in accordance with organizational needs
    • Employee needs compiled by work units refer to the job map and workload analysis results for each position
    • The placement of employees as a result of pure recruitment refers to the needs of employees that have been arranged per position
    • Monitoring and evaluation has been carried out on the placement of recruitment employees to meet the needs of positions in the organization that has provided improvements to the performance of work units
  2. Internal Mutation Pattern
    • In carrying out employee career development, employee transfers have been carried out between positions
    • In transferring employees between positions, they have paid attention to the competence of the position and followed the mutation pattern that has been determined
    • Monitoring and evaluation have been carried out on mutation activities that have been carried out in relation to performance improvement
  3. Competency-based employee development
    • Work Unit conducts Training Need Analysis for competency development
    • In preparing the employee competency development plan, the employee performance management results have been considered
    • There is a gap in the competence of existing employees with the competency standards set for each position
    • Employees in the Work Unit have had the opportunity/right to participate in training and other competency development
    • In implementing competency development, the work unit has made efforts to develop competency for employees (either through participation in training institutions, in-house training, or through coaching, or mentoring, etc.)
    • Monitoring and evaluation have been carried out on the results of competency development in relation to performance improvement
  4. Establishment of individual performance
    • There is an establishment of individual performance related to the organizational performance agreement
    • Individual performance measurement have conformity with individual performance indicators at the level above
    • Individual performance measurement is carried out periodically
  5. The enforcement of disciplinary rules/code of ethics/employee code of conduct
    • Discipline rules/code of ethics/code of conduct have been done/implemented
  6. HR Information System
    • Work unit staffing information data has been updated regularly