on 2018-03-14 02:00:06

Academic year 2018/2019 will be the second batch of the international class held by State Polytechnic of Jember which collaborate with  Changzou Institute of Mechatronic Technology (CIMT) China  and Management and Science University (MSU) Malaysia by offering dual degree program to the students.


The vice director of academic affair, Ir. Abi Bakri, M.Si. explained that the selection of new students admission of international class is conducted through Penelususran Minat dan Kemampuan Prestasi Akademik (PMDK-PA) selection (Selection Based on Aptitude, Interest, and non / Academic Achievement) that will be closed in the beginning of March 2018.


“The students who have interest to join the dual-degree program of international class may apply through PMDK-PA selection (Selection Based on Aptitude, Interest, and non / Academic Achievement)”, Ir. Abi Bakri, M.Si. said.


International class enrollment in collaboration with CIMT China is conducted for Informatics Management (MIF) study program. The learning process of this program is prepared differently from the general classes – in a year there will be three semesters for the lecturing and practicum classes. In the following year, the international class will be conducted in china for five semesters. In China the students will learn Chinese intensively in the first semester and Computer Network in the last four semesters.


“Completing the program, the students will receive certificate of associate degree on Informatics Management from State Polytechnic of Jember and certificate of associate degree on Computer Network from CIMT China”, Said Abi Bakri.


The second international program is the collaboration between State Polytechnic of Jember with MSU Malaysia which offers Dual Degree and Magister Fast Track Program. The program is conducted in State Polytechnic of Jember for three years. Then, the study continues in MSU Malaysia for a year to earn bachelor degree. In the following year, the student will earn master degree after completing Fast Track program for a year. This international class is for Information Technology Departments (Informatics Management, Computer Engineering, Informatics Engineering Study Program) and Agribusiness Management Department.


“The scheme for this program is 3+1+1 – it means that the students will study for three years at State Polytechnic of Jember and continues the study in MSU Malaysia for a year to complete bachelor degree program and advance to earn the master program in the following year”, Abi Bakri explained.


The selection based on Aptitude, Interest and non or Academic Achievement is a good way for the student candidates (XII graders of Senior and Vocational High School) who want to take a place in competitive industry in the future.


According to the Director, Dr. Nanang Dwi Wahyono, MM, the existing international collaboration is an important point for State Polytechnic of Jember to be a leading vocational college in Asia in 2025. It accompanies another great achievement, such as first cluster of vocational college, revitalization grant program, PEDP grant, the Center of Excellence for Technology, and student exchange program which collaborate with various higher education in China, South Korea, and Thailand.


“State Polytechnic of Jember consistently move forward to achieve the vision by expanding the collaboration with Asian colleges to provide international class for Indonesian students”, Dr. Ir. Nanag Dwi Wahyono, M.M said.



The Director of State Polytechnic of Jember, Dr. Ir. Nanang Dwi Wahyono, MM and the president of MSU Malaysia, Prof. Tan Sri Dato DR Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid after signing the MoU of Dual Degree Program.