on 2018-01-20 05:59:01

The Competence Development of the lectures of State Polytechnic of Jember is the important key in strengthening the learning process of vocational higher education. This is to prepare the competent and competitive graduates who have relevant skill and competencies needed by the industries.

Regarding to the goal afore, 11 lecturers of State Polytechnic of Jember have been selected as the awardee of Retooling Scholarship Program that will be conducted in The Netherland, Austria and Canada. The scholarship enables the awardees to enhance the vocational competencies and capabilities.

The Retooling Scholarship Program is a non-degree course which is conducted by The Directorate of Institutional Development of Higher Education, Science and Technology, and Higher Education and higher education institution and collaborated industries.

“The Retooling Scholarship Program is to perform vocational higher education which meet the needs of industries and business”, said Dwi Rahmawati, S.P., M.P, one of the managing team of Revitalisasi Polije (The Revitalization of State Polytechnic of Jember).

The 11 lecturers of State Polytechnic of Jember who have fulfilled the requirements to participate in the program will study in three different countries. 9 of them will study in The Netherland, a lecturer will study Farming Food Processing and Agriculture Food Processing in Canada-Farming Food Processing focuses on some courses such as,  Food Chain, Entrepreneur-ship on animal husbandry, Poultry, production and animal health, Dairy Production, Food Safety, Management, Animal Health and welfare  While agriculture food processing will have following courses: Food chain, agri entrepreneurship, production farming health; Agri Production and Agri food Safety Management  and the rest will be in Austria to specifically learn energy. The short courses will be completed in 8 weeks.

According to the Director of State Polytechnic of Jember, Dr. Ir Nanang Dwi Wahyono, M.M. The Retooling Scholarship Program is one of program of Revitalization in 12 State Polytechnic Institutions in Indonesia, including State Polytechnic of Jember which is supported by The Directorate of Higher Education.

“The Revitalization program enables the betterment of Vocational Higher Education quality to create an innovative product and prepare competitive graduates”, He added.

According to the Director, after completing the 8-week program in the overseas, the lecturers are expected to apply the knowledge and the skills in State Polytechnic of Jember in order that the implementation of industry-based curriculum operationalization of the Technology Innovation Center (PUT) specialized in supervision and packaging.

By operating the Technology Innovation Center (PUT), State Polytechnic of Jember have started the steps to be the center of Cocoa Industry.

The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education have planned State Polytechnic of Jember to be the pioneer of Cocoa Industry in Indonesia”, said Nanang.
The Development of the industry contributes to the quality improvement of practicum activity in the vocational higher education that have implemented the industry-based curriculum.

The Director, Dr. Ir. Nanang Dwi Wahyono, MM, along with The Chairs and the representative of Swiss Contact discussed the development of national industry.