on 2017-07-27 03:27:34

1524 students of State Polytechnic of Jember participated in Certification of TOEIC. The Certification of TOEIC is a compulsory for the students who sit in the last year of the study, 5th-semester students for Diploma 3 program and 7th-semester students for Diploma 4 program. I


Test of English as International Communication, known as TOEIC was conducted on 2nd and 3rd of February, 2017, in Engineering Department building, State Polytechnic of Jember. The test was divided in two sessions a day. In total, there were 4 sessions in two days to conduct TOEIC certification. The first day test was for the students of Medical Record Study Program, Plantation Crop Production Study Program, Renewable Energy Engineering Study Program, Agricultural Engineering Study Program. The second session of the first day was for the students of Clinical Nutrition Study Program, Poultry Business Management Study Program, Seed Production Technology Study Program, Food Crop Production Study Program and Food Industry Study Program. On the second day, the test was for the students of Agribusiness Management Study Program, English Study Program, Live Stock Production Study Program and Agroindustry Management Study Program. On the second session of the second day, the test was for Computer Engineering Study Program, Informatics Management Study Program, Horticulture Crop Production Study Program and Automotive Engineering Study Program.


TOEIC is Test of English for International Communication. The purpose of the test is to measure how well the students understand English in written and spoken form. All the questions on the test are based on the real-life work setting. In other words, TOEIC test is different from TOEFL. TOEIC certification can be attached on the job application. Having a certificate is an advantage for the holders.


“TOEIC Listeinig (L)/Reading (R) Official Institution has been used internationally as a standard assessment of English-language proficiency. Currently, the test is needed by the graduates who want to apply a job.” Said Agus Setiabudi, the chair of Unit of Language Services and Training. Totally, TOEIC three hours to conduct the chain activities of the test. It includes preparation, listening comprehension section and reading comprehension section.


The vice director for Academic affairs, Ir Abi Bakri, M.Si said, “the graduates of State Polytechnic of Jember will be going to receive certificate which is completed by The Diploma Supplement - The Diploma Supplement is a document accompanying a higher education certificate, providing a standardized description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies completed by its holder. The diploma supplement consists of certificate of competency, TOEIC Certificate, ESQ, Computer certificate”


“Indonesian have to prepare themselves in terms of human resources competencies in order that the Indonesian are able to be competitive, productive, creative, independent and respective in this globalization era. Having those characters enables the Indonesian to optimize the chance and lead others”, The Director of State Polytechnic of Jember, Ir Nanang Dwi Wahyono, MM. said.

Further The Director of State Polytechnic of Jember stated that TOEIC certification is an important step to prepare the graduate to be professional employee who can compete globally.

“Having TOEIC certificate prior to graduation celebration is an advantage for the students to enroll multi-national company”, Ir. Nannag Dwi Wahyono, M.M said.


The TOEIC certification is a giant leap to achieve the vision of State Polytechnic of Jember as a leading vocational education institution in Asia. In addition, the TOEIC certification is an advantage for the students to take part in global competition.