Plantation Cultivation Study Program


The Plantation Cultivation Study Program was established in 2014, based on the Director’s Decree No. 7598/PL.17/KP/SK/2014 concerning the Establishment of the Diploma IV Study Program of Plantation Cultivation, Department of Agricultural Production, State Polytechnic of Jember.

The Vision

Be the center of competitive vocational education in the field of Plantation Cultivationin ASIA in 2020 which concern on environmental sustainability

The Mission

  1. Organizing qualified, innovative, competitive a vocational education in the field ofplantation cultivation with entrepreneurial, environmentally friendly and noble character.
  2. Conducting applied research to contribute science and technology development in the field of plantation cultivation.
  3. Conducting and developing community services to develop knowledge and improve the skills and community welfare.
  4. Expanding the networking in the field of plantation cultivation at the regional, national and international levels.

The Objective

  1. Providing a professional and competitive graduate in the field of plantation cultivation in Asia level with entrepreneurship, environmentally-aware and noble character
  2. Producing applied research and scientific article in the field of plantation cultivation.
  3. Organizing community service by engaging applied research based on the needs of the society.
  4. Expanding networking access to the relevant industry and government and in the field of cultivation plantation.


Certificate Number

Field & Laboratories

    1. Plant laboratory
    2. Soil laboratory
    3. Climatology Station
    4. Computer laboratory
    5. Polije Practice Area
    6. Plant Protection Laboratory
    7. Tissue Culture Laboratory
    8. Oil Palm Plantation
    9. Polije Practice Coffee Farm
    10. Laboratory of Tools and Machines
    11. Plant Protection Laboratory & Field Practice