Informatics Management Study Program


Informatics management study program is an associate degree program (Diploma 3) in State Polytechnic of Jember that providesThree-year study (6 semesters). The study program offers core competencies, such as:data and information management based on computer and network. The learning process of this study program has students attend in lecturing classes and practicum classes both in class, laboratory and in the relevantindustries during 5 (five) semesters. In the end of the semester, the students of this study program conduct internship program in the relevant companiesthat requires information management skillsand work on the final project. After completing the study, the students are able to master mid-level of managerial skill of data and information management.By having those competencies, the graduate has opportunity to be employees in relevant companies such as:system analyst, programer, database processings administrator, web developer, IT technical Support, and designer of information system. The Candidates of the students that can register to this study program are the graduates of senior high school or the graduates of vocational school who has strong interest in computer system.

The Vision

Be a Study Program which support POLIJE’s vision providing excellent middle experts in the field of informatics in Asia by 2025.

The Mission

    1. Organizing vocational education in the field of informatics, which providequalified, competentand competitive graduates with noble character and entrepreneurial spirit.
    2. Strengthening collaboration with stakeholders in updating curriculum content and conducting research in accordance with community needs.
    3. Integrating information system expertise into agriculture and other fields of science through community service activities.

The Objective

According to the vision and mission that has been set, the followings are the objectives of study programs in the next five years:

    1. Providing graduates who are able to :
      1. Programmers who have the competence of Frontend Developer, UI UX experience, Backend Developer, Web Services, Android Mobile Developer, Software Development Framework
      2. Competent Database Administrator, Database Design, Database Modeling and Optimization, Database Maintenance
      3. Informatics Entrepreneurs.
    2. Conducting collaborative research / research that benefits the community and contributes to the updating of curriculum content.
    3. Organizing community service activities that integrates with other fields of science (multi-disciplinary) to answer community needs.
    4. The establishing of a collaborative network that supports the strengthening of study programs in the fields of teaching education, research and community service


Certificate Number

Previous Certificate

Strategic Plans

To achieve the goals,Management Informatics Study Program formulate specific and measurable strategic targets with indicators to be achieved in a set period of time. The most importantly, it supports the strategic objectives of State Polytechnic of Jember. The strategic objectives are explained as follows:

    1. Expanded Access and Improved Quality of Education;
    2. Improvement of the Quantity and Quality of Research and Community Service
    3. Improvement of the Quality ofTridharma Quality Assurance Activities
    4. Improvement of the Quality of Education Management
    5. Improvement ofQuality of the Process and Outcomes of Student Activities
    6. Increased Results and Benefits of Cooperation
    7. The Development of an Entrepreneurial Spirit


The graduates of this Study Program is able to be Programmer and Database administrator. the competencies are as follow:

    1. The graduate is able to have interpersonal skills profesional, competent and well-behaved.
    2. The graduate is able to work in team and individually with responsibly.
    3. The graduate is able to apply informatics principles in several branches of agricultural and science.
    4. The graduate is able to apply Information technology profession ethics based on character and culture of Indonesia.


    1. Computing and Information System Laboratory
    2. Information Systems Engineering Laboratory
    3. Computer and Network Laboratory
    4. Computer System & Control Laboratory
    5. Software Engineering Laboratory
    6. Multimedia Laboratory


    1. Bank Indonesia Jember, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan
    2. PT Indomarco
    3. PT. Semarang Auto Comp Manufacturing Semarang
    4. Pengolahan Data Elektronik Malang
    5. PT. Mall Olympic Garden Malang
    6. PDAM Jember
    7. PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry
    8. Asuransi Bumi Putra 1912
    9. PT. Telkom Probolinggo
    10. Rumah Sakit Jember Klinik
    11. PT. Telkom Jember
    12. Kantor Perpajakan Jember
    13. PT. PLN Jember
    14. PT. INKA Madiun
    15. PT. PJB Paiton Situbondo
    1. Bank Mandiri
    2. BPTP Malang
    3. PT. Integra Indocabinet Sidoarjo
    4. Disperindag & ESDM Jember
    5. PT. Pertamina Jember
    6. PT. Grapari Telkomsel Jember
    7. PT. Pyxis Ultimate Solution Malang
    8. PT. Telkom Malang
    9. PT. Mahesa Sarana Cipta Bali
    10. PT. IPMOMI Situbondo
    11. UPT Jend. Perhubungan Indonesia Banyuwangi
    12. PT. Telkom Gresik
    13. PT. Telkomsel Bali
    14. RRI Jember