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Performing objectives of State Polytechnic of Jember to achieve :

  1. Preparing independent, qualified, innovative, and competitive graduates.
  2. Creating applied research product that contribute to the community and the development of science and technology.
  3. Executing college managerial system based on principles of integrity: credible, clean, and reliable
  4. Executing cooperation based on principles of equality and mutualism.

Targeting Strategy
The Targeting Strategies  of State Polytechnic of Jember are:

  1. Developing access for improved education quality.
  2. Increasing quantity and quality of reaseach and dedication for society.
  3. Increasing integrity of quality assurance of Tridharma activities.
  4. Increasing quality of educational management.
  5. Inreasing quality of process and result of students’ activity.
  6. Increasing results and benefits of cooperation.
  7. Developing entrepreneurship culture.

Strategic Planning

  1. Expanding access and improving quality for relevant education.
  2. Improving the quality of the students’ activity.
  3. Maintaining the enterpreneurial skills of the students.
  4. Ensuring the quality of Tridharma.
  5. Increasing the quantity and the quality of applied reaseach and community services.
  6. Improving the quality of educational management.
  7. Improving the results and the benefits of cooperation.